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Is there a right age to enroll your child in preschool in Richardson?

Posted on 10-01-2014 | Bimal Bhojani


Studies have shown that there is no correct age for a child to begin preschool. Age generally is not a large factor in ascertaining a child’s cognitive ability. Social ability is also not decided by age, however, social and cognitive ability are key factors in deciding whether a child is ready for preschool.

Preschool and its effect on a child

Preschool is a vital time for a child’s growth as this is when a child learns many different skills, ranging from social and developmental skills to cognitive and physical skills. All are important to a child’s overall growth and development and set the stage for future learning success. Having the right preschool is critical, because choosing the right school can help your child progress optimally.

Independence is another important factor when considering daycare, since children need to be able to function somewhat independently in order to be considered for most child care facilities. However, at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Richardson, we help shy and more dependent children open up to others and to learning through our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy.

We also provide complete facilities and individual attention to all children in our care. With our Preschool Fast Track Curriculum™ and our outstanding facilities, every child has the opportunity to meet all developmental milestones. We help your child build the foundation for success across many levels. Our expert teachers know how to focus and develop a child’s learning potential and with individual attention, each child can progress at an individual pace.

If you think your child might be ready for our AdvancED™ Accredited Program at our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Richardson, contact us today or visit our facility.

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