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The best apps for your preschooler

Posted on 09-25-2014


As mobile technology becomes more prevalent today, more applications are being developed that aid in your preschooler’s cognitive development. In fact, these apps are becoming so popular that parents and teachers would like to see them introduced as a new way of teaching. Here are some of the best educational apps available today for your preschooler:

Montessori Crosswords

Montessori Crosswords is a mobile app that teaches your preschooler about reading and phonetics. It also helps teach him the letters and how each one sounds. This game is colorful and fun and costs as little as $2.99.

Monkey preschool lunchbox

This is an app which encourages visual-spatial development. The app offers excellent value for money at just $0.99. There are a number of different games available on this app, such as sorting of colors, color recognition, jigsaw puzzles and shape recognition. This app is perfect for younger children who have just started preschool.

Farm 123

This app is available for free and helps teach your preschooler how to count. It is styled like a pop-up book and requires your child to count a certain number of animals on each level. The app works in such a way that your child cannot count an animal more than once.

Wheels on the Bus

This is a great app for teaching your child another language and English. Your child can listen to the song in five different languages. He can also touch different objects on the screen to open the doors, turn on the windshield wipers and pop bubbles. This one costs between $0.99 and $1.99.

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